Introducing our Honorary Parade Marshal, Margaret Allen

There are people you meet in a small town that are a part of that town.  Woven in a way that by just saying their name they come together. Margaret Allen was not born here, did not always live here or always work here, but mention her name and you immediately think of Fenelon Falls. Margaret Allen grew up in this area. She taught school from a young age in a number of one room schoolhouses in the area. She married Clarence and together they had three daughters Nancy, Chris and Kathy. She is also a grandmother of three grandsons and a great grandmother of one grand-daughter. If anyone wants to know anything about stamps, Fenelon Falls, local family trees, local cemeteries, the Royal family or Coca Cola one only has to find her and she will know the answer you seek or know where to find it. Mrs. Allen was the Fenelon Falls Librarian for 17 years, she helped start the Fenelon Falls stamp club and is one of its most active members. She collected census information in the area for many years and she is one of the author’s and researcher of Fenelon Falls Then and Now and The Fenelon Township History Book.  Even in her 90’s she still remains active in her research, stamp collecting and reading. 

She is this year’s Honorary Parade Marshal of the Fenelon Falls Santa Day Parade.