Night Time Volunteers

Parade Set Up: Early Saturday morning we need assistance placing the parade detour signs, road closures and “no parking” signs. This takes a corps of volunteers approx 2 hours. We meet at approx 7:30 am for coffee, then get our assignments.

Parade Marshals (18 years of age and older: These volunteers will assist in forming up the parade ensuring that all floats, walking groups and characters are in the proper starting position. Once the parade commences they walk with their section ensuring the crowds are kept away from the floats and making certain the parade keeps moving.

Bus Marshals: You will assist in loading and off loading the parade characters at their proper location along the parade lineup route. You’ll then proceed with the bus to the dispersal area and prepare to again load the characters for the return trip to the dressing location following the parade.

Mascot & Costumed Characters: These individuals will be provided with costumes and in most cases required to be made up. You will walk the parade route (approx. 2 km). You will walk in groups of two or more and will be energetic and dramatic with your actions. We need dynamic outgoing people to wave to the people and greet and shake the hands of excited children. Mascot costumes involve wearing a head like Bart Simpson, a Snowman and Three Bears.

Megan Barton